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Avantura is a small company specializing in SPOT GPS Satellite Messenger distribution and rental. Its birth and evolution was a result of natural progression of Aleks's personal interest in satellite messaging technology. As an avid paddler who ventured into the far Northern regions of Canada, Aleks often dreamt about a device that would allow him to do more then typical PLB offered. Imagine opening your browser and seeing where all your buddies are paddling that morning, scattered all over the map from Alaska to Labrador - while you enjoy the morning coffee! Help and 911 came later as an afterthought but it was the tracking part that provided inspiration.

Enter SPOT, and the rest was history. Avantura's horizon expanded far beyond the wildest dreams. In many ways, this is a "perfect marriage". Whether we paddle, bike, hike, fish, fly or sail - we love losing ourselves in the vast open spaces beyond the reach of civilization and cell phones. SPOT affords us the opportunity to share our travel path with others in the responsible and interactive way.

Technology aside, Aleks's life was enriched by meeting and communicating with so many of you - our customers. This continues to be the biggest thrill of all - the ever growing circle of friends and shared knowledge. Our latest focus is the high profile event tracking. If you haven't stumbled on this already, you soon will.

As a former Chair of the Wilderness Canoe Association in Canada, Aleks is plugged in the paddling community here. Aleks is co-organizer of the Wilderness and Canoe Symposium and a Paddler Co-op Director. If you have any feedback - good, bad or indifferent - please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you. Lastly, if you visited this page looking for information about Aleks's ski & paddling trips, check out his personal website here.

Avantura Team